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DTS Publishing
Room 3
4 Hampton Road
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 8665 7565

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Sorry - DTS Publishing has closed down and the books transferred to MDS Book Sales for distribution

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Creator and Owner of DTS Publishing and DTS Sales

I have retired from publishing, so, after 26 years, I have closed down the business and from 1st April 2017 books currently published and marketed by
MDS Book Sales, 128 Pikes Lane, GLOSSOP SK13 8EH

Also from that date, customers visiting this website will be offered a direct link to the DTS Publishing publisher's page on the MDS website.

I take this opportunity to thank all my loyal customers - there are still a couple who purchased my first major bus title, China Motor Bus, in 1993 - and hope that you will continue to buy from MDS Book Sales with whom I have had a close relationship from early days.

I hope to continue writing books from time to time.

DTS Publishing Ltd. was formed in 1991 on the back of my coach management consultancy business, Davis Transport Services (DTS) in order to publish my own books on Hong Kong Buses and grew to nearly fifty titles in the following 26 years.

It was reformed as a private (non-Limited) business in 1998.

Since 2004, DTS Publishing has been majoring on digitally printed books, printed in very small numbers, almost "on demand", where titles never need go out of print and I have championed the digital printing process to encourage other publishers to follow suit.

Digital printing allows niche market books to be printed economically, particularly useful for private self-publishers.

Nevertheless, I shall continue writing for the foreseeable future and thank all those who have, over the years, so freely and enthusiastically contributed words and photographs without which the - far fewer - books would have been so much slimmer.

Mike Davis